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Which tutor for Math, Calculus and Physics is Best?

E-tutor pro located in West Vancouver is available for one-on-one tutoring in person, in class or online for your tutoring help.

Why is E-tutorpro better than other tutoring systems such as Kaplan or online only services?

E-tutorpro is best because we sit with you to show you not only how to do the work, but to actually teach you why the answer is corrrect. You will fully understand the inner workings of an equation and how to get the right answer every time. We don't just give you some more texts to read and study. We actually teach you until you fully understand.

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We will ask for a separate Signature of the Student and Parent (if applicable) at time of first session.

Tuition Fees and Payment
  • In-home lessons are not available between 3:00 and 7:00pm from Monday to Thursday, and 10 am to 5pm on Saturday during the academic year. Outside these time limits please contact me. These sessions must be a minimum of 1.5 hours.
  • Advance payment based on 5 sessions is required prior to the start of the first session. A receipt will be issued after each payment.
  • Advance payment for 10 sessions or more will receive a one-hour bonus (11 hours at the price of 10).
Cancellation and Refund Policy
  • Students and tutors agree that if it is necessary to cancel or re-schedule an appointment, for any reason, notification will be given as soon as possible. Advance 48-hour notice is requested, but with the understanding that illness or emergencies may arise, all parties agree that a minimum of 4 hours' notice may be acceptable under emergency circumstances. If cancellation or re-scheduling is not due to illness or emergency, or if notification by a student is less than 48 hours, a charge for half the regular session fee will be applied. If the student does not contact the tutor at all and does not show up for an appointment, the full session fee will be charged. In return, if the tutor gives less than 24 hours' notice, or fails to appear for an appointment, a half or full session, accordingly, will be provided at no charge.
  • If a student arrives late, he/she will be tutored for the remainder of the scheduled session and be charged the full rate. If the tutor arrives late, he/she will tutor the remaining session time, either making up for time lost at the next session or crediting the next set of bookings accordingly.
  • Students who cancel more than two (2) tutoring sessions without rescheduling within a five-week time frame may forfeit their scheduled time slot. If a student reschedules but arrives late or does not keep the appointment, charges may be incurred as described above.